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Tips for Home Buyers Prior to Making an Offer

Your first view of your prospective home is likely photos available on the internet and / or a drive by view of the front of the house. Look up at the roof; if it looks old it probably is old. If the windows and paint trim are not maintained and if the landscape is overgrown; the lack of maintenance is likely reflected in the components and systems which you haven’t seen. If maintenance has not recently been performed, that may be a warning sign about the overall condition of the home.

Look at the heating and air conditioning systems for manufacturer’s dates on the nameplates and maintenance records which most HVAC contractor’s post on or near the heating system. If the system or component looks old, it probably is old.

If a ‘Seller’s Disclosure Statement’ is not available on a home you are interested in; ask for it. Read every line carefully. Seller’s often understate conditions, leave important questions blank, or list the condition as unknown. Highlight the weakness of the ‘Seller’s Disclosure Statement’ and request complete information if it is appropriate to do that prior to making your offer.

If you are interested in a house with old, worn components, you will put yourself in the best position if you use the deteriorated condition of major systems and components in your initial sales price negotiations. It is more difficult to negotiate the cost of needed repairs to major systems and components which should have been discernable to the average person after you’ve gone through the offer and acceptance stage of the real estate process.

It is very likely we will discover more components and systems in need of repair at the home inspection. If the major cost elements have already been dealt with in your sales price negotiations the rest of your journey is easier.

Almost all homes are in need of repair. You need to put yourself in the position of paying a fair price for the home and setting a plan to make needed repairs within the bounds of your capabilities and resources.

Nobody wants to buy a ‘money pit’. You need a home inspection for the assurance of a making a sound financial investment and to provide a plan for making improvements and repairs.


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