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Commercial Property Inspections by Inspect Pittsburgh

Inspect Pittsburgh is our new brand for offering Commercial Inspections in Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania.  If you are in the process of acquiring a commercial building, we can help you understand its condition.

Inspect Pittsburgh utilizes a team approach to performing commercial building inspections.  You’ll benefit from our 50+ years combined experience, extensive training and credentials.  We are expert, experienced commercial building inspectors.  We will also provide you with a professional quality inspection report. 

For more information about our services or to schedule a commercial property inspection, call Inspect Pittsburgh today.

About Our Inspections

Inspect Pittsburgh will help you understand the condition of the building and its systems to assist you with decision making.  Our knowledgeable team will alert you to structural and safety issues along with identifying components in need of repair or replacement.  Our inspection and report will enable you to make smart, informed decisions. Costly repairs are highlighted at the inspection and in the report.  If we discover conditions which need to be addressed for building occupancy, we’ll identify them and report about those conditions.  The estimated lives of major components are also included so that you can plan for those future repairs.  We invite you to accompany us as we perform the inspection so that you are afforded more time to see the property and to concentrate on your decision making.
Inspect Pittsburgh has broad experience performing inspections of commercial buildings for business owners, investors, attorneys, and both ‘for profit’ and ‘not for profit’ corporations.  We can customize the inspection scope depending on your needs: 

  • Most clients want a complete building inspection. 
  • Some clients want us to go beyond just finding the components in need of repair, and ask us to prepare replacement cost estimates and projections of anticipated future repair cost. 
  • Some clients want us to conduct interviews with appropriate people including the building owner, building maintenance manager, and the local code enforcement officer.          

Inspection projects have included office buildings, apartment buildings, condominium complexes, warehouses, industrial buildings, storefronts, bakeries, breweries, repair garages, funeral homes, nursing homes, taverns and restaurants.  Some of those projects are included in the photos on this page.  No project is too small or too large. 

Many business owners have told us they wished they had ordered an inspection prior to the purchase of the property.  They wound up paying too much for the building and they spent their time and money making repairs they had not anticipated because they didn’t have an inspection performed prior to purchase.

We look forward to you being our next client.  We know we can help you with some of the decisions you are making. 

Scope of a Commercial Building Inspection

Commercial Building inspection services include an evaluation of the condition of the building structure, components, and systems.  Each component and system is evaluated including heating, air conditioning, plumbing, electrical, roofing, structural and architectural and building safety systems.  We’ll describe the conditions observed, state why the conditions are a problem, and make a repair recommendation. 

Environmental testing and wood destroying insect inspections may also be included in the scope of the inspection service. 

The scope of the inspection procedures can vary depending on many factors including the number of units and the lack of access to all areas of the building.  The availability of electrical power, gas, and water can limit the inspection tests of systems.  On larger inspection projects we may only have access to unoccupied areas.  Whatever the situation, we can perform an inspection and provide a report with photos and repair recommendations which concentrate on the condition, magnitude of repair cost and the safety of the property.

Reports Include

The information provided at the inspection and in the written reports is what really makes Inspect Pittsburgh stand apart from our competitors.  Inspection reports are written in an easy to understand format with descriptive information about the condition observed, the risk of not repairing the condition, along with repair recommendations with photos.  The report is also useful for your contractors to understand the conditions in need of repair so they can define a scope of needed replacements and repairs.


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